New Year – New Website

Once the dust had settled on seeing in the 2016 New Year and business returned to normal, I felt it was the right time to revamp my business website.  The website brief was simple:

  • Easy for visitors to use.
  • Must be a CMS based site to allow easy alterations, amendments & updates.
  • An integrated and simple to use photo gallery and portfolio page.
  • Links to my Social Media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • The ability to add extra functionality as / when required.

The hardest thing to decide was who to approach to implement this new and very important part of my business. Having attended various Social Media Cafes, hosted by Jayson Gurney of The Social Media Consultancy Limited, I decided to meet with Jayson and discuss my ideas.  Jayson brought a great depth of experience to the meeting and I soon started to realise that he was just the ideal person to work with me on this exciting new project.

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Logo Design – The Social Media Consultancy Ltd

Social Media is making it easy for the smaller business to engage with their current customer base, other local businesses and potential new prospects.  What’s more this is relatively free to do, with the exception of the time taken to do your posts, comments, articles etc.  My background and experience lies with the visual design so I instantly decided to attend one of the FREE social media cafes that are being hosting in my area.

I can honestly say that this has been of great benefit to me as a small business owner, as it has allowed me to ask questions, learn new ideas, share thought processes with other likeminded business owners.

The concept of FREE networking in today’s business environment is rare, but Jayson Gurney, the founder of various local Social Media Cafes believes there is still a place for it.  Jayson has successfully establish 4 such groups all who meet on a set day of the month with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge to help each of it’s members gain the most from using Social Media, whether its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or any of the other platforms.

This success has lead Jayson to formally setup a new business, The Social Media Consultancy Limited, which will continue to offer these FREE networking / focus groups.  I was delighted when Jayson asked me to design, both the individual group logos and the new Limited companies logo and associated stationery.